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Mecenatos Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
great art! awesome designs!Oops! CURSE YOU! 
TB3DM Jan 23, 2013
It does not get better....2006 has been better than most in 2013 :) If you make time to have children, they are definitely crazier than you!! My absolute respect and esteem...
TB3DM Jan 24, 2013
Regarding these works of art all I can say is that you have my deepest respect and i am taking a bow.
Who will ever be better than you, except your children of course .....For me you are world elite and that since 2006
Some people don't have to work very hard to achieve greatness and you are one of them.
I don't really have to think about it much when I start something new but there is a world of difference between your work and mine, which tells me, you can only do what is in your head.
And I am not that bad ass although I always thought I am creative.
As i said, fantastic works of art and with that i mean all of them without exception.
You might see that differently.

Tobias TB3DM
Your gallery is BAD AZZ!
Your work is awesome...:)
ksn-art Nov 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
you a super!!!
abhimanyunaikare Oct 23, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
which softs do u use for this? i may have some work for u
elEstela Jan 24, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Hello! How are you?? I have written a journal about manuals of artistic anatomy and have left a few links with the most interesting images of every part of the human body... Maybe you are interested in seeing it. Greetings from Valencia!!
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